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This concert was hilarious. Under pressure cover was admittedly better.


by Typical

submitted January 15th 2009

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haha thats the same generic sounds every matel or hasbro music toy.
9 years ago
chicks that play the sax or clarinet suck a mean dick, anyone whose played either knows what im talkin about
9 years ago
You mean you have this information because of your own dicksucking past?
9 years ago
RIP Leroi Moore...
and dont even start, urks :)
...the guy was good at what he did
9 years ago
I had to google the name just to know what you were talking about. I hate saxophones. Reminds me of all that cheesy 80's shit.
9 years ago
Nothing happened in the first 40 seconds so I'm done here.

Nice one, Typical.
9 years ago
Although 'Saxaboom' would be a good title for a picture of me having sex with a saxophone.

Or maybe even a video of me playing one, but that is simply never going to happen.
9 years ago
you're in your own little world, aren't you
9 years ago
i've been trying to ignore your shit, forgaymen...butt - here's the deal: comments on non-current posts are a waste of time...and they generally just piss off the oldsters
knock it off dude
9 years ago
My dead skin cells are funnier than this douche. Every time I see he has a new movie I can't help but wonder who he had to blow to get the part.
9 years ago
I guess you never saw The Pick Of Destiny.
9 years ago
or maybe he has and it still sucked?
9 years ago
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