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looks like oasis is at it again


by Phyre

submitted January 13th 2009

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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animal is the shit
9 years ago
...generally considered to be bad form, to be the first to comment on your own damn post
...especially if it - and you -
are both dumber than a bag of hammers
9 years ago
ahh gee thanks...
fyi 90% of my first posts don't appear as the first post so fuck off oh self proclaimed Guru of MuchoSuckoness.
9 years ago
Looks like the Muppet guy sure told you possum.
9 years ago
and toolman told you that phyre told you
9 years ago
i IS the Guru of Muchosuckoness, as far as you are concerned, ya fucking idiot...
after a while, if youre still hanging around for the abuse...
you might finally figure out that:
Possum is a fucking NOOB...
...yes, youve pissed ME off, but......
duck and cover
9 years ago
i dont fear any of you. so you can all suck my ridges!
9 years ago
Me thinks Phyre is a piece of shit
9 years ago
me thinks you are ugly & your mama dresses you funny
9 years ago
What's the cut off age for watching the Muppets now days?
9 years ago
there is none.
9 years ago
fuck you, muppets still rock. statler and waldorf ruled.
fraggle rock is a close second.
9 years ago
Swedish chef ftw!
9 years ago
I've checked with my OC and it seems that muppets are now considered 'legitimate targets'.youve got half an hour to clear the room. That's all.TIKtikTIKtikTIKtikTIKtik
9 years ago
Worst shit ever posted.
9 years ago
Agreed, annoying as fuck!
9 years ago
HAHAHAHA Beaker!!!
9 years ago
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