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Yak will like this as he lives in Ireland. Its a pisstake of Irish transport, but applies to most cities. Just replace Dublin with <>


by Theck4

submitted January 12th 2009

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Yak lives in Ireland? That's news to me
9 years ago
perhaps this was posted a couple of years ago... i know must have my submitted content still hasnt appeared on here yet
9 years ago
This town needs a Monorail!
9 years ago
The ring fell off my pudding can!

Then take my pen-knife my good man.
9 years ago
is there a chance the track could bent?

Not on your life my hindu friend!
9 years ago
What about us braindead slobs?

You'll be given cushy jobs.
9 years ago
Were you sent here by the devil?

No sir-ree I'm on the level!
9 years ago
9 years ago
DENTAL plan....
5 years ago
Thats how shit is here in the east bay, too.
9 years ago
Why do they have to drive anywhere isn't there a ye olde pube on every block around there?
9 years ago
fuck that i'm still going to use my car cos its fucking ace
9 years ago
didnt watch this properly. tvs on in the background and this looked boring
9 years ago
Children's shows are much more complex these days.
9 years ago
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