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Insightful monologue on Travolta

Sounds like he watched too much Mr. Rogers as a child.


by hotshot

submitted January 10th 2009

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How many of you think this clown actually read those books?

How many of you think he looks (and sounds) like our Vince friend from Shamwow?
9 years ago
*raises hand* But I think he's also drunk or on heroin as well.
9 years ago
fuckit james - Dont Make Me Come Down There!
...leave me alone with my chickens...
9 years ago
well if he visited a university or something than it is a normal amount. a friend of mine has 30 thousand books.
9 years ago
Porn books?
9 years ago
I believe this guy is just some homeless riff-raff who snuck into a library
9 years ago
He suffered from Kawasaki Disease, what did they expect?
9 years ago
*waits for someone to make a joke about a motorcycle*
9 years ago
well ok..better than Bimota disease
9 years ago
Make me some sliders, you dumb noob.
9 years ago
And don't forget the fucking fries this time.
9 years ago
I think that this guy is the reason more people should not have kids in the first fucking place.
9 years ago
aww i feel bad when retards are sad
9 years ago
The day Tom Cruise died was the happiest day of my life.
9 years ago
I've got bad news for you.
9 years ago
*dyed, cause he's into that shit, just like a LOT of women these days, in fact. I don't really get how is this the best day of your life. El_Faggot.
4 years ago
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