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Don't try this at home.


by markiemark

submitted January 10th 2009

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maybe the "1 guy 1 jar" dude should have thought to use a plastic bottle like this chick. seems a tad safer.
9 years ago
but then he wouldn't be famous now...
9 years ago
Is it just me, or does the guy sound like Mr. Rogers?
9 years ago
He sounds like Bukowski.
9 years ago
no surprise they used some faggoty, salty, french water like evian for that stunt...
9 years ago
daaaaaaaamn.... shes so skinny!
9 years ago
it looks like a cyclops with a huge mouth at the end , but his eye is a butt hole i guess
9 years ago
he just really rips that thing out
9 years ago
with the quality of the audio I was half expecting an ALLAH ACKBAR and some beheadings/bombings.
9 years ago
blessed be the sluts, for they are truly gods will.
9 years ago
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