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Happy hour special at Chinaski's Bar

Drink up


by kildawabits

submitted January 6th 2009

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Happy hour special at Chinaski's Bar
muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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sounds fair.

how much?
9 years ago
This same shitty sign is in my local.

It wasn't a joke, but on holiday I saw a sign that read "Buy 2 tattoos, get the same 2 free", which was actually funny.

Granted, I may have intentionally misinterpreted their intentions.
9 years ago
They have a stupid "Free Beer Tomorrow" sign at my local. Every time I go in the next day to collect they say its always the next day.
9 years ago
at hooleys
9 years ago
there's a band that plays in the area called 'Free Beer'...so when the sign on the bar says free beer lots of people will come
9 years ago
I bought the owner of my fave bar a sign with a pirate on it, that has panties hanging on a hook on his left hand. Sign says "Hump or Jump." One of the many nice things you can find in Nantucket.
9 years ago
If this was my bar, it would say "2 drinks for the price of you shutting the fuck up and not boring me to death with your inane blather."

Anybody could have 2 free drinks as long as they drank them in silence.
9 years ago
I'm a people person. I'd make a great bartender.
9 years ago
you wpould make a gay bartender like in COCKtail
9 years ago
Hey, that was uncalled for. I thought we were friends.
9 years ago
i seem to remember seeing my name used by you for some nasty reference, but hey im cool with that as we are buddies
9 years ago
I don't think so.
9 years ago
Lets not argue matey
9 years ago
Tonight's Special:
1 Beer for $1
2 Beers for $2
3 Beers for $3
4 Beers for $4
5 Beers for $5
6 Beers for $6
7 Beers for $7
8 Beers for $8
9 Beers for $9
10 Beers for $9
9 years ago
I'd buy 10x10.
9 years ago
Sorry, we're closed.
9 years ago
ok but how much are your whores?
9 years ago
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