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booty talk


really hot


by humper408

submitted January 3rd 2009

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looks like shes wearing a hefty bag
10 years ago
Maybe that's where she keeps all her money? Ask Ice-T
10 years ago
wimpy wimpy wimpy HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY!
10 years ago
yeah thats the way to do it
10 years ago
you see her ass.. thats what a black man means by a fat ass. shes skinny in the waist but got a fat booty.

10 years ago
actualy after watching it past 2 minutes i retract that statement. her as is too big. reduce by 25% and ill consider it.
10 years ago
im still 100% on that ass
10 years ago
you dipshits..dont you know what extreme wide-angle lenses do?
her ass is fat dont get me wrong,but its no gi-normous
10 years ago
wtf or you on about peter puffer? i just said i love her ass.
10 years ago
i'd pattle boat her asscrack
10 years ago
saddle bags belong on horses and Harleys not on hos.
10 years ago
i hope you dont latch on right and grind your face along the highway
10 years ago
Yeah thats nastily big it must take her an hour to wipe.
10 years ago
Is her ass the color of baby poop?
10 years ago
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