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Public piss girl


alcohol is a hell of a drug


by Magawd

submitted December 29th 2008

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She seems like she'd be fun to hang out with.
9 years ago
She belongs on Mucho.
9 years ago
It looks like the general public there must all be Muchoers to not even flinch at some girl pissing in the street.
9 years ago
Damn that's a lot of pee.
9 years ago
I pee a lot when I drink.
9 years ago
That was you?
9 years ago
little santa clause kid cops a feel at 1:15
9 years ago
What the fuck is wrong with Russian men? They laugh like they're six year-old girls.
9 years ago
9 years ago
lolz my kind of woman
9 years ago
That streets were pretty clean.
9 years ago
jamie does this every time we go downtown
9 years ago
I had a few mornings like that when I was in Germany last year.
9 years ago
seems better than pissing your pants...
9 years ago
1/8 of russians is probably drunk 24/7
9 years ago
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