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shopping cart fail

I wonder what they thought really was going to happen


by drumrave

submitted December 25th 2008

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He deserves that for getting talked into doing something that fucking stupid
9 years ago
It was probably his idea.
9 years ago
Yeah, your probably right
9 years ago
He's gotta go back,.....and get his hat.
9 years ago
I like watching this better in fast motion.
9 years ago
yeah the fag didnt even get hurt...
this is why no one else is able to become the next jackass...no one has the balls to make pain happen
9 years ago
Those were some yuppy looking mother fuckers.
9 years ago
9 years ago
I was hoping he hit his face, but 's luck there.
9 years ago
i was hoping for blood
9 years ago
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