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Bert and Ernie rap M.O.P.

can't touch this.

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by YouPeopleNeedChrist

submitted December 18th 2008

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the only thing worse than rap, is really really bad rap
10 years ago
I hate rap and this is fucking hilarious.
10 years ago
This song is called "Anty Up" I forget who its by, it's a really good song. :3
10 years ago
its by M.O.P. Mash Out Posse. it was on the U got served soundtrack.
10 years ago
Right now this is my favorite vid ever. EEVER! Wow, captian filth's pharmicologic anwser to my issues really seems to be kisking in.
10 years ago
weird how much differently things attack your funnybone, depending on whether you're sober or not...
10 years ago
Yeah, no shit. Damn! There reference should have been "Dr. Filt." Fucked that up.

Also I like that they had the two ambiguously gay muppets doing the gansta-rap duet. Fitting.
10 years ago

*** "Dr. Filth" *****
10 years ago
rock on, balls...
old viking saying;
"before any serious decision
we should discuss it once drunk, and once sober"
10 years ago
I like that.
10 years ago
"And perform it on red fly fungus."
10 years ago
ANTE UP! kmyeap that fool? ANTE UP! KIDNAP THAT FOOL!
10 years ago
i does not understand you postal-ma'am...i does not LIKE green eggs and spam...
10 years ago
¿ɯɐds ʇɐɥʇ sı ʍoɥ
10 years ago
Glaswegian Gangsta Rap was way worse than this.
10 years ago
fuck rap.
10 years ago
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