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Fire in the hole!


Bell pepper in the anus. you cant help but strain with her.


by -Morph-

submitted December 18th 2008

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bell peppers aren't fiery. they're not even hot.
9 years ago
So many people like to stick things up their asses.
9 years ago
are you about to plug something?
9 years ago
LMAO!.......... Are you the 1man1jar dude???
9 years ago
Would have been really neat if she sucked the whole thing in, and 10 mins later shat out her mouth
9 years ago
How does the pepper not bust in her ass? Those things bust open when you drop them on the floor.
9 years ago
2:10...great desktop.
9 years ago
both of those holes look perfect for fisting
9 years ago
I know you are supposed to eat veggies and all, but seriously.
9 years ago
Umm, waiter... my salad smells funny...
9 years ago
Too bad it wasn't a specimin of the merciless pepper of Quetzlzacatenango.
9 years ago
Every guy who has a GF or Wife that says "it hurts" when trying anal needs to show them this one.
9 years ago
Man, now I'm hungry for stuffed peppers.
9 years ago
She didn't sound asian....
9 years ago
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