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Aurora Snow and Jenna Haze


...fuck Jenna's boyfriend.


by Mako

submitted November 29th 2008

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o well that looks fun.
10 years ago
hey guys, im coming back from a club, it was fucking aweful, whats wrong with these girls? im so pissed off
i was rejected more than 10 trimes!
and got into a fight with some short idiot who pushed me
some stupid bitches make up, put on half naked clothes, go to clubs to just dance with theur girl friends?!?!!? wtf?
but im sure my good frinend in MS give me some girl picking up advises,
thanks and sorry for the spelling, im half drank
10 years ago
"half drank"? How the fuck can you be half drunk? You want 'advises'?

Don't act drunk, it's totally not cool.

Don't post a reply using the reply button to a thread that has absolutely no correlation with the original topic.

We're not your friends.

Kill yourself.
10 years ago
talk about you pen0r they love that
10 years ago
So that WAS you in that Iranian gay club video posted a few months back (I would've posted a link but Mucho's awesome search engine couldn't find anything)
10 years ago
Just another day at the orifice.
10 years ago
i thought there was gonna be some shit :(
10 years ago
pretty nice...
10 years ago
Must be an earlier flick before Snow got chubby.
10 years ago
Yeah, it was back in her prime...before she went blonde, she was a firecracker.
10 years ago
I hate the fake moans and shit. These retarded bitches should shadddapp allready, jeeez. Stifle yourself, Edith, hahh??
10 years ago
no wait, I just know that flick from my pr0n collection. It has a nice money shot. They swap cum and Jenna gurgles before she swallows it.
10 years ago
that's just fucking sick? Porn is ruined by ass fucking, dick sucking and cum swallowing. Fuck all that bullshit.
10 years ago
yeah all that porn shit is really sick, they should make it illegal.
10 years ago
10 years ago
I wish my wife would bring over one of her girlfriends to fuck.
10 years ago
well there goes my dinner..

10 years ago
Why don't you introduce Deja to my wife then?
10 years ago
10 years ago
tool, you're almost like drums right now - the worst thing you can do is to try too hard...
dont fuck up, dont go over the edge, just kick back for a bit...
most everybody here likes you, man -
dont fuck that up...

...ps - go Steelers!
10 years ago
Wow it looks like Aurora is doing great! We went to high school together, she graduated two years ahead of me. Too bad she was the shy quiet type when I knew her :(
10 years ago
"Oh god I'm tight" That's a new one to me, haha.
10 years ago
Talk about being self-absorbed.
10 years ago
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