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Brother Bonizzi

The Heavy Metal Monk.


by Mako

submitted November 21st 2008

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Brother Bonizzi appears to be in need of heavy doses of Lithium and Thorozine with a Prozac chaser.
9 years ago
no jimmy no -
Thorazine is a "stand-alone"...mix it with anything and you get, well, plantshit...

Dr. Possum's recommendation is simply intravenous LSD in conjunction with old "People's Temple" videos, post-mortem
9 years ago
Listen here. Keep your drunk typing ass out of my diagnoses.
9 years ago
evening sir..hey are the videos all jerky for you?
9 years ago
ya, all these jerks keep commenting
9 years ago
sorry jim
9 years ago
dunno dik, they worked fine for me last night.

How are things up your way?
9 years ago
JTK is a highly-trained and world-reknowned physician. i trust his diagnosis exclusively. in other news, fuck off.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Fratello Metallo!!!
9 years ago
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