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2 chicks sharing 1dick


Two hot chicks get fuck and play with strap on then share a massive facial


by TiffanyPreston

submitted November 20th 2008

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yeah, wow, what a facial
9 years ago
Tiffany Preston makes me want to poop.
9 years ago
maybe she'd give you a blumpkin
9 years ago
a diaper
9 years ago
tiffany you limpen me with your lies!!
9 years ago
Tiffany Preston's pushing boundaries: Internet cock-teasing.
9 years ago
Shit everything posted by her is a cock tease, not one title lives up to the name. False nameing videos shows alot about a person's sex life, you couldn't satisfy yourself why you trying to saticfy anything else?
9 years ago
What a gyp.
9 years ago
would you watch it if it said
"1 hot chick and no finish to the set"
9 years ago
Ever throw a tooth pick into a volcano, well he just did.
9 years ago
I thought it was an OK vid - I mean the guy did have a nice cock!
9 years ago
No Asians? No farm animals? No gagging? This is not even close to mucho worthy
9 years ago
Well, unless you fit into one of those categories:

9 years ago
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