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The open road.


Trucker boob flash.


by Mako

submitted November 18th 2008

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i flashed my boobs to a trucker once................didnt end up very well
10 years ago
Why would anyone want to see your hairy sand nigger man boobs? That's gross.
10 years ago
You see that shit all the time. Stop at a rest stop at night sometime and just watch the trucks in the lot.
10 years ago
i will not
10 years ago
Depends on where you are, toolman. Lot lizards aren't looked upon too fondly where I live in NY.
10 years ago
We call that 'dogging'.
10 years ago
Tool is a dogger!
10 years ago
I lived in 5 different states in a 14 year stretch. I did all my traveling at night, so I spent some hours getting some sleep in truck stops and rest areas. I've seen my share.
10 years ago
States i've lived in:
-North Dakota
-South Dakota
-Utter Confusion
-Indiana (not by choice)
-Louisiana (but only for three months, w/my coonass GF)
-Oklahoma (dont wanna talk about it. ever.)
-and lastly, and leastly - missouri
10 years ago
oh yeah, my point...umm...
no human female has ever ever flashed her boobs at me...not at a truck stop, not on the interstate...never...
...maybe i finally need to lose the mullet?...
10 years ago
You have never have a random woman flash her boobs at you? Poor guy, guess your just unlucky.
10 years ago
10 years ago
even have to pay my gf for boob flashes...i needs a new gf, dont i? :(
10 years ago
I'm dazed. Who'd of thunk that truckers and cheap whores go together.
10 years ago
10 years ago
10 years ago
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