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family values


People with family values think 9/11 was a good thing. They were soooooooo happy.


by moistwarmth

submitted November 10th 2008

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I had it muted so i must of missed the deep dialogue explaining the stupid description.
9 years ago
No shit. This video fails.
Too bad Muchosucko isn't like old Rome and we could feed this Moistwarmth to the lions for this shit.
9 years ago
i thought i had music playing over this. damn.
9 years ago
Dude.. I thought this was gonna be incest porn or something.... what the fuck does family values, or 9-11 have to do with this? I'm with Freshie. Fail.
9 years ago
*fart noises*
9 years ago
this was supposed to have john lennon's "imagine" mixed in with the terribly dubbed audio.
9 years ago
1:17 it looks like owl eyes ...
9 years ago
I hate it when they enjoy it.
9 years ago
good for you, none would enjoy it with you...
9 years ago
At least this vid reminds me that i've seen better 'fart joke' vids~
9 years ago
don't see a lot of females with a clef chin.
9 years ago
Anybody know who this chick is?
9 years ago
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