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Chick fights 21

In doors this time


by -Morph-

submitted November 3rd 2008

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An upper decker would be appropriate on her way out.
10 years ago
i hate planned beatdowns... yoou see the one chick dressed in gym shorts with her hair tied tight, and the other chick dressed in her regular clothes, with that classic "Why'd you invite me over, and why are all these people here?" face..... anyway, good vid
10 years ago
The little spic was all like get the fuck outta my house and at the end "look what you did to her you bitch" so I don't think it was planned..
10 years ago
At the Copa, Copa Cabana...
10 years ago
I enjoyed the massive pile of decorations on top of the Television.
Good use of hair pulling too...
10 years ago
And the chica doing the beating somehow shaved the other chicks eyebrows off! Those crafty Messicans...
10 years ago
Mexican women are genetically incapable from growing eyebrows, so they have to use Crayola Crayons. Typically black or brown or purple sometimes.
10 years ago
Little mexican dude's got a big mouth.
10 years ago
little beaner was lucky those chicas didnt mop the floor with him.I like how that dingy cunt beats on her and beats on her and the beatie gets right back up.Mexicans..HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
10 years ago
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