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There Will Be Bud

A pretty decent parody of the original trailer...


by JerkStore

submitted October 17th 2008

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I'd definitely watch it.
9 years ago
"When do we get our ganja, damn you!?!"


Great stuff.
9 years ago
For anyone too lazy to make the correlation themselves... here is the original trailer for There Will Be Blood ...

9 years ago
<Eagerly awaits inhale/exhale trailer since I'm too lazy to know about breathing>

9 years ago
Hahaha... Hey, I'm just as lazy as the next man... I'm just 4 easy payments away from paying off my Rascal scooter... And I've got a really long stick that I use to grab stuff while I'm on the couch, or poke people to have them get me stuff... You will learn in time young padawon...
9 years ago
<exhales hit>

hahahah you called me young. Bet you think I'm guy too. I'll raise you three paid-off Radio Flyers and at least half a dozen Whamm-O Bubble-Matic sets to your payment plans on one scooter-pooter little man. Hit me with your best shot. <Enables Ronco invisashield>

9 years ago
I'll see your bubble matic sets and raise you two sets of Romper Stompers.
9 years ago
shut the fuck up jerkstore you fucking pussy
9 years ago
...Said the fag with the Mortal Kombat avatar... Why don't you finish me off since that was such a stellar diss... here you go:
Down, Forward, Down, Forward, RT
9 years ago
wow i dont even know that move , look whos talking , mortal kombat owns so shut the fuck up pussy fagat n00b
9 years ago
..Stop hiding behind your avatar so I can jizz on your face... *Nyak* *Nyak* ... Ahhhhh.. a well spent dollar.. well earned too!
9 years ago
LMAO Mako!

Touche'. Two sets of Romper Stompers and well used Sit n' Spin.


9 years ago
Uh oh, a sit & spin...Itsie may have an ace lol.
9 years ago
An ace? You meant to say, an ace in the hole, right? LOL I finished that for you.

Anything for a laugh. Here, you are worthy of having my G.I. Joe doll. But hands off my Evel Knievel stunt cycle.
9 years ago
All right, that's cool.
9 years ago
If they really were stoners they wouldn't have been able finnish this trailer or have it be at all coherent.
9 years ago
Not true.. Some stoners have quite a lot of ambition.... Entire movies are made all the time with the help of drugs.
9 years ago
<Reflects on Pulp Fiction, 70's Morning cartoons and anything broadcasted on the Food Channel>
9 years ago
Is anyone else laughing about the "finnish" and "coherent" thing here besides me? I mean, yeah, up there in all that cold they're coherent enough. But I doubt they're on their toes smoking all that fish instead of the ganja. ;)
9 years ago
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