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There Will Be Bud

A pretty decent parody of the original trailer...


by JerkStore

submitted October 17th 2008

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I'd definitely watch it.
10 years ago
"When do we get our ganja, damn you!?!"


Great stuff.
10 years ago
For anyone too lazy to make the correlation themselves... here is the original trailer for There Will Be Blood ...

10 years ago
<Eagerly awaits inhale/exhale trailer since I'm too lazy to know about breathing>

10 years ago
Hahaha... Hey, I'm just as lazy as the next man... I'm just 4 easy payments away from paying off my Rascal scooter... And I've got a really long stick that I use to grab stuff while I'm on the couch, or poke people to have them get me stuff... You will learn in time young padawon...
10 years ago
<exhales hit>

hahahah you called me young. Bet you think I'm guy too. I'll raise you three paid-off Radio Flyers and at least half a dozen Whamm-O Bubble-Matic sets to your payment plans on one scooter-pooter little man. Hit me with your best shot. <Enables Ronco invisashield>

10 years ago
I'll see your bubble matic sets and raise you two sets of Romper Stompers.
10 years ago
shut the fuck up jerkstore you fucking pussy
10 years ago
...Said the fag with the Mortal Kombat avatar... Why don't you finish me off since that was such a stellar diss... here you go:
Down, Forward, Down, Forward, RT
10 years ago
wow i dont even know that move , look whos talking , mortal kombat owns so shut the fuck up pussy fagat n00b
10 years ago
..Stop hiding behind your avatar so I can jizz on your face... *Nyak* *Nyak* ... Ahhhhh.. a well spent dollar.. well earned too!
10 years ago
LMAO Mako!

Touche'. Two sets of Romper Stompers and well used Sit n' Spin.


10 years ago
Uh oh, a sit & spin...Itsie may have an ace lol.
10 years ago
An ace? You meant to say, an ace in the hole, right? LOL I finished that for you.

Anything for a laugh. Here, you are worthy of having my G.I. Joe doll. But hands off my Evel Knievel stunt cycle.
10 years ago
All right, that's cool.
10 years ago
If they really were stoners they wouldn't have been able finnish this trailer or have it be at all coherent.
10 years ago
Not true.. Some stoners have quite a lot of ambition.... Entire movies are made all the time with the help of drugs.
10 years ago
<Reflects on Pulp Fiction, 70's Morning cartoons and anything broadcasted on the Food Channel>
10 years ago
Is anyone else laughing about the "finnish" and "coherent" thing here besides me? I mean, yeah, up there in all that cold they're coherent enough. But I doubt they're on their toes smoking all that fish instead of the ganja. ;)
10 years ago
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