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Everybody dies....


by cheekycov

submitted October 12th 2008

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Finally someone posted their death.
9 years ago
This is Smerf and I approve this message.
9 years ago
smerf you should stop cutting yourself then.
9 years ago
i hate emos for ruining the good, old-fashioned fun of self mutilation.
9 years ago
hating emos is just what they want you to do
9 years ago
Exactly, so they can just cry about it later, then cheer up and get mad and then go out into a mosh pit throw their legs around like little bitches.
9 years ago
I love Emos, I hug them and tell them they're special every time I see one.
9 years ago
goth wannabe's, only pussies talk about killing themselves but never do it
9 years ago
Emo's are easy
i like them
fucked a couple of them
9 years ago
And they returned the favor and fucked you in the head.
9 years ago
Fucking idiot did across the street. All emo kids make sure you do DOWN the street. We don't want you coming back.

Then you'll have died for a good cause. You'll have proved to everyone how hard/dramatic your life is because your Daddy doesn't pay attention and Mommy stopped giving you allowance.

Fucking worthless cocksuckers, if your emo give me your personal address.

You fucking pieces of shit eating scum. I won't rest until I see you all dead.
9 years ago
If only all emos would "delete" themselves.
9 years ago
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