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Stock markets



by earthdiedscreaming

submitted October 9th 2008

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Stock markets
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nigga you flip
9 years ago
this is by far the most fucking stupid poster, ever.... ever.
9 years ago
Yeah, you're the must fucking stupid poster I've personally ever come across as well. Nikkei is a stock market by the way, as a Panda you should know this.
9 years ago
I didn't say I had no idea what was going on, I said this is the most fucking stupid poster ever, which it is... There is no humor in bad pun, don't get your panties in a bunch cause i didn't enjoy your stupid humor. As an idiot, you probably didn't know this.
9 years ago
Suck my ass, how's that
9 years ago
Amy Winehouse's ball are this big, no shit!
9 years ago
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