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Ass Milk


God bless the things whores will do for money


by beelzbub

submitted October 9th 2008

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i love doin this shit to my daughter
9 years ago
I love filming it
9 years ago
That's how you make chocolate milk.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Why not?
9 years ago
i think if i was ever this desperate for money, i'd invest in a rope and knot tying classes.
9 years ago
So chocolatey, so rich and thick.....but seriously. I was walking through a grocery store a little while ago and seen one of the reddi-whip cans thinking how the nozzle looks like something made for inserting into the anus. I talked a girl I was with at the time to try it. I filled her up with that stuff and she said for the next 2-3 days she was the contents of her bowels exploded in the toilet every time she went there. No matter what her intended visit was for, she was hosing that place down.
9 years ago
shut the fuck up
9 years ago
"she was hosing that place down"<<<<<<NICE.
9 years ago
FALSE! He's implying he's been with a woman. I call shenanigans.
9 years ago
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