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Vagina Says Anal Nosorog

Russian death metal lowbudget video. Good/bad - you decide...

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by loslobos

submitted October 5th 2008

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not muchoworthyClaudeBallz
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9 years ago
Fuck. It looks like the white trash / cookie monster sound has made it's way to Russia.
9 years ago
...a whole new level of horrible..
9 years ago
Does Everyone else in the world have really low standards of what is good or bad entertainment, or do we have high standards?
9 years ago
Who are "we" exactly? If something amuses you, why disect entertainemnt/pleasure into low or high standards. Questions; did it make you laugh? If you where into this kind of music, would you buy the CD?
9 years ago
^fuck spelling
9 years ago
video was crap but the song wasn't that bad.some parts were but hey,they're from russia.
9 years ago
actually it was extremely bad
9 years ago
I'll never get that 171 seconds of my life back.
One of the poorest things I've seen on this site.
9 years ago
Well, it made laugh. -Was it supposed to?
9 years ago
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