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What a bastard


by dwhill05

submitted October 4th 2008

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this narrator is such a great guy
10 years ago
You want his number or somthin?
10 years ago
aw, that's sad, although at first, I thought that lady had 1 leg.
10 years ago
So fake.
#1 High-quality, full-framerate security camera.
#2 What security camera records at an angle like that, with such a narrow field of view?
#3 The parking spot didn't even look marked.
#4 Crutch girl doesn't move like somebody who needs crutches at all.
#5 Also why the hell would crutch girl just crutch her way up to stare at an empty parking spot minutes after the guy left and not go to the business she crutched herself over to.
#6 There were at least two empty handicapped parking stalls when crutch girl arrived. Park your gimp ass there.
10 years ago
...wow, you're a dumbass.
10 years ago
wtf texmex was 9/11 cg too?
10 years ago
I think he's right.

Handicap spots are usually the closest to the place they're for. Based on the direction she came from, this is the farthest spot from it.

The spot the dude parked in is normal width. Aren't most handicap spots extra wide so crippled fuckers can fit their wheelchairs or walkers as well as their cars?

Their cameras helped the police? What, with the license plate that's so clearly visible?

Do they give the handicap tags to people who are on crutches? I mean she'd probably be healed before the fucking thing came in the mail.

I think it's more likely this was a place were you rent a permit monthly or something and you're allowed to park there. He didn't have one so just took one from the jeep.
10 years ago
1) The security cameras where I used to work were full rate and high quality.
2) A rotating camera.
3) It's not a legal requirement for the handicap spots to be marked on the ground, since this could easily be missed at night. Instead, a sign at the head of the parking spot it what is legally required.
4) There are numerous reasons for someone needing crutches, and not everyone who uses crutches needs to keep both feet off the ground.
5) What, you've never heard of editing a video for time?
6) She was parked in a handicap stall, you idiot. Then they towed her car.

As for wankos comments:
A) True, but some cities have very little parking, so what they do is set a side a parking lot, which may or may not have handicap spots near where someone is going.
B) Handicap spots may or may not be extra wide. They tend to be, but not always.
C) Good point, thought it's possible they either caught it on another camera, or used the description of his car to catch him using the handicap tag elsewhere.
D) Yes, but only temporary tags. For some injuries and surgeries, it can take months before they're off crutches.
E) Sounds reasonable.
10 years ago
If you were editing this for a TV show, what kind of editor would you be if you left out, oh, I don't know... THE JEEP BEING TOWED?
10 years ago
Also a valid point, but you didn't bring it up earlier. Either way, I think I'll try to find a way around it...

The camera might not have picked up the actual tow truck, just her Jeep suddenly backing away.
10 years ago
For one point of validity, it seems crutchgirl comes quite some time after the thief, as the shadows (or camera settings) changed a lot between the two timeframes.

It seems this is more of a residential area than any business though, since nobody is really carrying anything.

Still, there's definitely reasonable doubt here as to the validity of this video.

I stand by my fake verdict.
10 years ago
Just noticed another thing... for a security camera, there's no time code stamped on it at all.
10 years ago
Fair enough
10 years ago
Also, why didn't the announcer guy go outside and do something about it instead of just sitting there and describing it with his faggy/creepy voice?
10 years ago
i wish i was handicapped
10 years ago
Who said that wish hasn't already been granted?
10 years ago
*Grabs bat* I have the solution Dik, whenever your ready.
10 years ago
I wish I was Andy Capp.
10 years ago
Then you and Fries could make some delicious snacks.
10 years ago
10 years ago
Ahhh, another dirtbag bound for Hell. Line is over there buddy...
10 years ago
i thought it was funny until i realized the jeep belonged to a chick who may or may not have been hot
10 years ago
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