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Alcohol In a Stapler

Every workplace should have on- make that several.


by JackingJumpFlash

submitted October 3rd 2008

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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9 years ago
They prly have these at Thinkgeek
9 years ago
He should take the "Gun in a Hole Puncher" and end himself.
9 years ago
You first
9 years ago
As long as you jerk me off and right when I'm climaxing on your face i will pull the trigger. With that everyone wins.
9 years ago
The red thtaplers are the betht. I uth to haf an office with a window and I could wath the squirrelth. And the squirrelth were married...(2Bcontinued)
9 years ago
Ummm... were gonna have to move you to the.. uhhh.. basement.. mmmkay?
9 years ago
This summer I found some sandals with a flask in the sole, but they only held maybe a shot each. Who only h
9 years ago
Fuck.. *Who only has two shots?*
9 years ago
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