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Indiana Jones

& the Gremlins


by Ardeau

submitted September 20th 2008

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i would pee on them,
thats how they die?
10 years ago
id poo on em
10 years ago
I wouldn't whip it out in front of them, I'd be afraid they'd bite my weiner off.
10 years ago
gremlins are the shit. i'd feed them all after midnight and turn them loose on the town folk.
10 years ago
i dont think thats how it works. it's Mogwai that you shouldnt feed after midnight.
10 years ago
either way i'm turnin them loose
10 years ago
this is cool
10 years ago
Nice editing. Very nice.
10 years ago
Lets face it, EVERYONE on the internet loves Gremlins. If they'll make a fucking Transformers movie, who says they won't make a new Gremlins movie? Spread the word... we want more Gremlins...
10 years ago
NO! No new Gremlins movie! They'll just fuck it up with CGI.

They should remake Logan's Run!
10 years ago
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