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Kirk and Spock romance: Revealed!

I fuckin' knew it!



submitted September 17th 2008

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Oh My!
9 years ago
You sick mother fucker! I'd expect that kind of shit from T.J. Hooker but not the Captain of a trillion dollar starship.
9 years ago
Sorry, I need 'help'.
9 years ago
hell...i figured it was Sulu and Chekhov doing this the whole time
9 years ago
Vulcans ejaculate?
Is that logical?
9 years ago
you havnt been here long. its the only way
9 years ago
is that what you do on the holodeck kirk?
9 years ago
how's jury duty by the way?
9 years ago
It sucked. But I got lucky. My servitude is complete so today i can get back to work.
9 years ago
Jim! Get away from that pointy eared hobgoblin!! - exclaimed Bones.
9 years ago
Crikey that was gay
9 years ago
There was an rumor that Kirk had to get McCoy to remove a Tribble stuck in an embarrasing place.
9 years ago
That McCoy is a coffee enema douche.
9 years ago
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