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Fifty million frenchmen can't be wrong


Classic, in more ways than one...


by UnclePepper

submitted September 17th 2008

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mmmmm..... Cherries!
10 years ago
Oddly arousing
10 years ago
is that circus music? fucking frenchies...
10 years ago
Possibly the most random phrases in porn, ever.
10 years ago
them bitches ever hear of a razor?
10 years ago
50 million frenchman will always surrender
10 years ago
...or run away.
10 years ago
Except Sarcozy. He's a good Frenchie Frenchman
10 years ago
No such thing
10 years ago
before watching the vid.
if 50 million frenchman have the same opinion about something then they ARE WRONG.
10 years ago
The music seemed a little "odd"!
10 years ago
i don't think she was quite done with him when he blew his load, but she had some pretty good moves none the less
10 years ago
300 million american can't be wrong about weapons of mass destruction... oh wait, of course they are! even Bush admited it a week ago... no, no you dont need to apologie to us for telling you not to do it, do it to Iraki kids! lol!
10 years ago
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