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Karl Malone on history

Thats a damn thing


by Bootface

submitted September 15th 2008

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Who need brains when you have money, women and fame?
10 years ago
I'm too poor to afford a computer.
10 years ago
hah carl malone is actually y favorite nba player. i was pissed when he and john stocton never got a ring. stockton one of the greatest point guards to ever live
10 years ago
Morph giving props to the white boy. Respect.
10 years ago
i give credit where its due.
10 years ago
...Then there's Brett Favre. Brett Favre is uh, Brett Favre is uh... he's the greatest football player who ever... who ever lived. And uh, if he was a turd, he'd be the uh, the greatest turd in football.
10 years ago
Your comments are turds.
10 years ago
i sorta think he's funny
10 years ago
He is cool just for creating and then remaining in character.

I wouldn't mind seeing a few more pop culture figures like him around. But, they would have to stay in character all the time for it to work.
10 years ago
yeah, its a nice change of pace from the 'fuck you' 'no fuck you' stuff
10 years ago
fea fi fo - fea fi fo fo.
10 years ago
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