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Got Piss?


The not so gradual decline of a skank. Part 3


by yak

submitted September 7th 2008

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Tonights character theme:
Fun with bodily fluids.
9 years ago
There really is NOTHING hot about this at all.
9 years ago
the first video in my mucho career that i felt sick to my stomach...

Kudos Yak... Kudos
9 years ago
damn its a piss filled mucho holiday tonight!
9 years ago
Grossness level is an 6 out of 10
9 years ago
Really? There is a guy shoving a toothbrush down his split cock, but THIS makes you feel nasty?
9 years ago
What's with the guy with the camera? If she's looking at you how the hell can she blow the bubbles?
9 years ago
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