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The Human Cow


Would that be considered whole milk?


by Mako

submitted September 6th 2008

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i love watching things that were already posted on here.
10 years ago
Shit, i should have read yours first
10 years ago
10 years ago
Quote Repost
10 years ago
i'd say half and half lol
10 years ago
were the livestock sounds really neccisary?
10 years ago
is it weird that I want to drink what comes out of there?
10 years ago
man the cows ruin my jackin off. is there one with the right sound. it deserves another wack at it..
10 years ago
Don't drink milk, you'll get a STD!
10 years ago
The "moo" effects really sell this piece of european film noir.
10 years ago
cheers to cheap 4% milk..gotta get a factory running $$$$
10 years ago
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