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The Offical Mucho Stand up Comedian part 2

Doug Stanhope talks abortion


by BiffMcBifferson

submitted August 28th 2008

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this is great, keep them comeing
10 years ago
Yes. all of it is a yes.
10 years ago
Check out the website "The Unbookables" http://www.theunbookables.com/ its a bunch of people like Doug Stanhope along with him.
10 years ago
yes these are all comics worth checking out
10 years ago
the last line just sealed the deal. i want to see this guy wearing a mucho shirt someday.
10 years ago
i miss these kind of comedians. no gimmicks, just funny.
10 years ago
I'm glad you guys like him. I've seen Doug live about 5 times now and after every show he's cool enough to hang out and do mushrooms with you.
10 years ago
did you really do shrooms with him? man, that would be a hell of a trip.
10 years ago
Abortiosn happen in the bubble. Dotn' try to ask. The buubble aborts its own.
10 years ago
I honestly believe that you are the only abortion that ever lived.
10 years ago
your and aborted fetis. abrot fthis!
10 years ago
10 years ago
the final 'punchline' really made the whole skit. the best part of this guy at these comedy clubs is some of the people who end up being at his show have no fucking clue what kind of routine he does until he starts talking about shit
10 years ago
My parents went one night to see him and left 3 min into the show
10 years ago
This guy is ok.
10 years ago
I have all his audiobooks.
5 years ago
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