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Love Pee


What better way to say "I love you" then with urine.


by yak

submitted August 25th 2008

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i convinced my last girlfriend to let me do this to her but then when the time came, i couldnt bring myself to actually do it. im kicking myself for not doing it now.
9 years ago
by girlfriend you mean boyfriend...

and by boyfriend you mean HD tv....

and by hdtv you mean rusted tin can.
9 years ago
And by rusted tin can you mean berrel of monkeys...
9 years ago
and by berrel of monkeys you mean HarryTipper.
9 years ago
and by berrel of monkeys you mean Barrel of monkeys
9 years ago
It takes all kinds to make the Mucho world go around.
9 years ago
Why is she naked at the dentists office?
9 years ago
Obviously you've never been to a dentist.
9 years ago
must be a brit
9 years ago
so R.Kelly did do it didnt he
9 years ago
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