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How to do a Push-Up

Watch and learn pussies.


by Jones

submitted August 14th 2008

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This is one of those moments where a slow-mo replay wasn't really necessary.
9 years ago
Thats why the good show offs usually clap their hands below them not behind them.
9 years ago
plus, the point is not to bring your ass up, but to use your arms to force yourself higher. ~_~
9 years ago
I could do this drunk. Not even joking. I am a high functioning alcoholic. Can't think of anything I could'nt do drunk.
9 years ago
And I mean I could do this successfully while drunk, and one thing I suck at the most drunk is typings.
9 years ago
=)") "dude wheres my teeth?"
9 years ago
The fool
9 years ago
Well there's a technique to strengthen your face I wasn't aware of.
9 years ago
yeah, It's my baseball bat. Stand still.
9 years ago
9 years ago
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