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It's hard to have one.


by Jones

submitted August 5th 2008

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I love garbage like this.
10 years ago
i agree. me and my friends have been quoting this DAILY since march. hilarious.
10 years ago
10 years ago
i saw this when it aired and was floored.
fail and success at the same moment
10 years ago
best interview ever - there should
be more live tv "journalism"!

"moustache" - haha
10 years ago
the look on the black dudes face is priceless
10 years ago
This is one of my all time favorite clips.
10 years ago
ok, I have official seen it all....everything there is to see in this world now...welp! Im gonna close my mucho account, pleasure being a member.
10 years ago
sorry we don't delete accounts :(
.. i guess you could just stop using it ;/

10 years ago
C'mon Yak thats a reference to david's "necro STD" whimper sesion. Sarcasm a little.
10 years ago
Oh never mind, you were being sarcastic :P
10 years ago
dont you mean P: citsacras gnieb erew uoy ,dnim reven hO
10 years ago
He is that "I like turtles" kid's dad.
10 years ago
That wacky German humour
7 years ago
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