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Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. talks about masterbating.


by Quankers1

submitted August 4th 2008

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so this guy is actually only 37? - lol
10 years ago
that part made me laugh too.
10 years ago
When men approach me on the street, and ask for spare change ... I punch them in their unwashed testicles.

10 years ago
and then you ass rape them
10 years ago
i love louis ck
i saw him at comedy works a few months ago
he was hillarious
he ended his set with "ill fucking drink period blood"
10 years ago
on another note he is divorced now. so now he can jerk it where he wants
10 years ago
HA! He spidermanned the audience at :43 when he said "Goodmorning"
10 years ago
This guy could be my twin.
10 years ago
Well than your both ugly and should try some Hair growth stuff.
10 years ago
And just who the fuck is this noob that has stepped out of line?
10 years ago
When i was younger i choked myself while i masturbated. You know try something knew. Never again. I end up blacking out and waking up on the ground looking up at my mom. She was crying thought i was dead. The worst part was my pants was around my ankles and my dick was still in my hand. :(
6 years ago
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