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underwater love


two girls giving a blowjob underwater.


by urallretards

submitted July 29th 2008

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2 Girls 1 Suck: Aquatic Addition.
10 years ago
Water screwin's the best.
10 years ago
I'll agree with that. My only problem is my wife won't do it with me because I already had sex in a pool with my ex wife, sex in the intercoastal waterway in Fla. which is like a river with this dyke once and sex in the ocean and on a beach with my first girlfriend after I split with the ex. So the only place I have left that my wife may consider is a Port-O John or a toilet.
10 years ago
The port-a-john is a whole other fetish entirely. And I beleive I may have deposited some DNA in the vicinity of Turtle Mound and Haulover canal a couple of times myself.
10 years ago
There can never be enough chlorine in that pool.
10 years ago
10 years ago
What, to kill all the little swimmers?
10 years ago
NASA training film.
10 years ago
haha sperm looks like millet in the water.
10 years ago
i liked it, glad it worked...
10 years ago
reminds me of that faith no more song: underwater love
10 years ago
I wonder if she'd consider doing it in a rain storm?
10 years ago
Looking down into the water
It's hard to make out your face
If our love is drowning, then why
Do I feel so out of place?
Bubbling up to the surface
Are you getting a breath of fresh air?
Forever longing to make you mine
But I can't escape your stare...
Liquid seeps into your lungs
But your eyes look so serene
It's wonderful how the surface ripples
But you're perfect, and I cannot breathe
Forever longing to make you mine
But I can't escape your stare...
Hold me closer, keep me near
My underwater love
Hold me closer, keep me near
I'll never get enough
Touch me from below
I'll never let you go
But I can't escape
10 years ago
awesome tune that.
10 years ago
"Awesome" is an overstatement
5 years ago
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