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More Drunk Sluts


Licking each others boobs and such.


by yak

submitted July 19th 2008

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god my life is boring. fuck.
10 years ago
you know whats good for that?

get drunk, suck a guy's cock, and post it on the internet. that'll make your life zestier.
10 years ago
Is that what works for you?
2 years ago
Ya know, if every retard in this clip was executed right now, there's an extremely great chance that the universe would not be affected whatsoever.
10 years ago
Not true - I think it would pretty much benefit not only the universe, but all of us
10 years ago
Not to mention those retards would be out of the gene pool :D
10 years ago
i can honestly say i wasnt attracted to any one of those bitches

especially the flat-assed bitch that doesnt know shes a flat-assed bitch at :35
10 years ago
:35 seconds.. dammit its only going to :07 for me :(
10 years ago
a repost, but a classic...spring break ho's
10 years ago
Newsflash, New Orleans overcomed by massive epedemic of Herpes. And fugly chicks.
10 years ago
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