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Japanese Shitboxing


Pretty much a good description of what is going on.


by yak

submitted July 11th 2008

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Wow. No words can express the awesomeness of this vid!!
10 years ago
how about "wrong"
10 years ago
i like the music.
10 years ago
yeah, that's got me laughin my ass off tonight.
10 years ago
Use the shi... erm... force!
10 years ago
I was with it for about thirty seconds.
10 years ago
That's all I needed too.
10 years ago
Good wholesome fun!
10 years ago
yup, this ones definitely goin on the list
10 years ago
Lots of really old reposts today Yak, but I'm not complaining because they are classics.
10 years ago
She's totally gonna win that 50 grand...where's Joe Rogan?
10 years ago
Joe was the 2nd one with the high heels on.
10 years ago
Yet another reason why not enough a-bombs were dropped on Japan.
10 years ago
"Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin. The special technique of shit boxing!"
10 years ago
shito ryu dojo
10 years ago
You do, and you'll clean it up lol
10 years ago
10 years ago
nasty nasty nasty cant stop watching it
10 years ago
she can take a lot of shit, thats incredible
10 years ago
Dear admin,

The following request of type Info was sent by user shlurpy:

Hi, Love your site.
where can i see more of the kind of human toilet parts 1 and 2..
(you have 2 japanese girls sitting on contraption over a slave guy eating their poo)
i've also seen jap one with clear plastic toilet chair and tube leading
to slave's mouth (they give enema to girls so it's liquid down tube)
one on muchosucko and different one on deviantclip. seems same chair.

I find these fascinating..unlike mfx media or others where
people just shit all over each other, which to me is gross and boring.
and everyone pretending it's delicious..whores forced into this,
and having to play-act under threats, it's revolting..

something about the ingenious contraptions, the insouciant
attitude of the girls, the slaves that have evidently signed
up for this yet struggle with it..either sex top or bottom is
interesting to me..wouldn't want to be there..but can't stop
looking at it, and would like to see lots more of what
i described above...there must be more from the people
who did the enema/plastic tube chair and the ingenious
seat the 2 japenese girls use to directly poopmouth the slave
in your 2 clips..please, more of these and tell me how i can get to the sites that you got these from?

thanks a lot!

10 years ago
shit boxing fan very good
10 years ago
10 years ago
Christ almighty.
10 years ago
Shlurpy should be ordained.
10 years ago
10 years ago
Wow, it's a good thing they cover the vag. Otherwise it may be gross?
10 years ago
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