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Vagina Ashtray


Well that vagina looks pretty useless as anything else but an ashtray anyway.


by yak

submitted July 8th 2008

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Softball, anyone? I found my glove.
9 years ago
As long as you got the bat im go
9 years ago
sweet baby jesus! the horror ({O})
9 years ago
At least it has better torture than the torture galaxy.
9 years ago
she sounds like that elmo dog
9 years ago
At first she sounded fine, but I was thinking newborn baby. I don't know what the elmo dog sounds like..it must only make the noise you're referring to when it's being shoved up your ass and the motor is burning out.
9 years ago
I thought she sounded like a little kid playing 'trucks'. Vrrm!
9 years ago
i want to see her face while he burns her
9 years ago