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Good Little Gagger


She is a trooper. And then gets bitch slapped.


by yak

submitted July 5th 2008

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shes a proffesional
9 years ago
9 years ago
Funny how his words hurt her worse than the abuse...Ha
9 years ago
hell yeah, suck my dick bitch and get the hell outta here.

wicked blowjob non the less :)
9 years ago
always a shame seeing white women degrade themselves, black women can do this all they want
9 years ago
It's such a shame you haven't been run over by a bus.
9 years ago
It's an even bigger shame that bootface is still out there alive ready to reproduce and create another generation of ignorant white trash.
9 years ago
uh oh, i riled up the people that dont matter
9 years ago
Your parents?
9 years ago
That was a pretty nice ass. I think I could have made up for the bad BJ with that.
9 years ago
great ending
9 years ago
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