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Sexy Smoking


Well... smoking............


by yak

submitted July 2nd 2008

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you know, every time I do that the embers fall and it stings...
10 years ago
i wonder if the smoke smells worse than regular smoked cigs
10 years ago
I have actually seen this done in person, and it's still one of the more awesome things I've seen. Then again, I'm obviously easily amused.
10 years ago
i seen a bitch grab a cigar from a guys mouth, smoke it with her cunt and give it back to him. And that mother fucker kept smokin it. If you knew the girl it may be different but when its at some shitty strip club, thats just fucked up!
10 years ago
I've got a pipe they can smoke...
10 years ago
10 years ago
No, I think you'd rather smoke some guys pole.
10 years ago
ASS CANCER!!! fuck why do we keep doing this shit?
10 years ago
Ludicrous speed!
10 years ago
Saves on the lungs I guess...
10 years ago
Since I missed my 10k comment mark I decided to find my first instead. Ta-da:)
5 years ago
Do you want a thumb in your asshole as a winning prize or something?
5 years ago
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