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Torture Galaxy 3 of 9


3 of 9


by MisterBanksIII

submitted July 2nd 2008

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I was almost expecting him to stick a pump right on her asshole
10 years ago
He should. I bet she'd really cry then... Though I doubt I'd enjoy any of this shit...
10 years ago
finally another part!!!
10 years ago
I second that! I have been waiting a week for more of this to be uploaded.
10 years ago
Thirded.. I really think that the photo of VicSin with the Lust Knife would go well with one of these..WTF deja??
10 years ago
jesus motherfucking christ in a sidecar with a box of mars bars!!!!!!
what the fuck is wrong with humanity???
and yes i know what site i'm on and
yes i've seen my share of sick and twisted shit but this is just wrong. you hear me??? IT´S WROOOONG!!!
10 years ago
oh and btw, i'm really looking forward to the next part....can't wait to see her toenails get ripped out or something like that!
don't make us wait another week!
and the first two should be in the related section....mucho is fucking disheveled !!!
10 years ago
Great, if you don't like it, FUCK OFF
10 years ago
Sorry it was a week between parts 2 and 3! I was out of town last week, in addition to uploading this twice (?) but it not showing up the next day. Anyway, uploading part 4 now.
10 years ago
Apology accepted..As long as it doesn't happen again..
10 years ago
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