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Tools instead of flowers


"How original."


by JackingJumpFlash

submitted June 30th 2008

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Barbra....Regina. where in the 70's can i find bland porn stars like this?
9 years ago
The 70s are hilarious. They were so casual and ridiculous.

(Fuck, and hairy, omg jesus ew.)
9 years ago
I gotta admit humanity stopped watching that kind of porno. Now it's all-fake bitches shitting and puking on each others... nice.
9 years ago
These two are now in nursing homes trying to seduce the orderlies.
9 years ago
this made me happy in pants. Hairy Pussy FTW...
9 years ago
this is the movie i was talking about a while back with all the family members fucking each other. i think i saw it about twenty years ago or maybe twenty five
9 years ago
Heard of this, its Adam Carola's favorite porno.
9 years ago
its called taboo 2 i have it on vhs
9 years ago
minds me of the 1st porn i saw when i wuz like 10 with Vanessa Del Rios...dat bitch tied a not with her pussy!!
9 years ago
9 years ago
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