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Cum Gargle


Pretty cool party trick you filthy slut.


by yak

submitted June 29th 2008

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stretch the cheeks!
10 years ago
elpiss can gargle like that too.
10 years ago
I do that with mouthwash
10 years ago
I'm sure you do, but 1rash1 up there actually does it with cum.
10 years ago
I blame the school education system. YAY!!!!!!!!!!
10 years ago
I blame your mother's bad parenting
10 years ago
i'll bet that this person probably makes more money then both of you combined tho :/

and has had sex with people..

10 years ago
That sounds like Wanko. Making money is the ultimate value. Being a whore is respectable if you make a lot of money.

I disagree completely.
10 years ago
so strippers hookers, pornstars etc have no self respect? or you don't respect them?

i'm sorry but i don't really believe in judging someone based on what they do for a living.

not everyone puts the same value on things.. i just found it funny that someones first instinct is to try to jab at the persons 'education' for why they would be doing porn.
10 years ago
What I was saying is that in a hyper-capitalistic way of thinking (ala El Wanko), if they make money they are respectable. Making money is the most important thing.

I don't respect whores, though they themselves may have some self-respect.

I'm not sure why education is such an unlikely thing to pick at, either. How many college grads are in the porn industry, do you suppose?
10 years ago
eat bread
10 years ago
Just a joke,geez Louise
10 years ago
i need to get me slut like that, havent gotten one lately its been a long time
10 years ago
With grammar like that I don't doubt it!
10 years ago
yeah thats what drunkness would do
10 years ago
That is what women are for:
vessels for semen.
How truly delightful.
And that is why
I cannot understand gay men.
10 years ago
wow wee!!!
8 years ago
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