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Ice Cream Anyone?


Just needs a cherry on top.


by yak

submitted June 29th 2008

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Shit looks like so yummy, makes me think of sqand (magic sand)
10 years ago
why do i keep clicking the obvious ones?.....
10 years ago
WOW why ?
10 years ago
Because. Now shut up.
10 years ago
You're a bastard, yak.
10 years ago
makes me think of old mad magazine cartoons...

10 years ago
ah fuck you man
10 years ago
tricked again, what a surprise, they def cut back on these surprises tho i remember way back in the day something about a big blue ball. it ended up some dude fucking a big blue ball, go figure....
10 years ago
that wasn't really "back in the day" this video is from "back in the day"

10 years ago
Came into this looking for shit,but im confused wouldnt eating shit poison you? also im not sure there is anyone who cant get two inches from a shit pile with no watery eyes or gagging.....not even mexicans. FAKE
10 years ago
Eating shit will not necessarily poison you.
10 years ago
The teaser picture wasn't even that enticing in the first place.
On the other hand,it was less obviously a picture than the last batch.
10 years ago
i think yaks getting good at these now
10 years ago
10 years ago
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