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She is in a Pissy Mood


I hope she makes enough money to pay for her daycare.


by yak

submitted June 28th 2008

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I enjoy pulling up in the ARBY'S drive thru lane, and slinging poop at the black cashier, for not giving me a receipt, for said transaction.
10 years ago
By saying "said transaction", did you mean to refer to the transaction in which you knelt down and drank his piss?
10 years ago
Love the gasp after each gulp. Real dramatic.

10 years ago
now that we have had drinks .........

guess whats for dinner?
10 years ago
poo poo plater
10 years ago
with a side of reply button.
10 years ago
full of piss and well piss
10 years ago
I don't get it? Does the wee-wee come from the bladder, or Supernovas gay uncle.
10 years ago
she looks like this little retarded chic i used too bang
10 years ago
OK very good i think
10 years ago
get off my leg fucknuts!
10 years ago
so does she eat the green mint later for her breath?
10 years ago
Wow, she's a champ. I wonder if daddy still thinks "she's my little girl?"
10 years ago
daddy pisses in her mouth too.. so of course she still is "daddy's little girl". how cute!
10 years ago
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