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Eminem -Just lose it, Mosh.

Good political video from eminem FUCK BUSH!!!

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by evilelfis

submitted October 29th 2004

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I agree with tiredguy on the sheer fact that "Rome didn't think it could fall."
That statement undermines anything positive that the Bush administration has produced. I'm an Australian, and proud of it, but I am sincerely worried that the leader of one of the worlds most powerful country is down to 29% favour poll.
Look at it this way, how would you (Americans) feel if Iraq invaded America on the basis of suspicion that you had 'weapons of mass destruction'? Probably the same way Iraqis feel. Plus the anger bestowed upon you when Bush is incarcerated by Iraq special forces. (well 29% anger, 71% relief.)
"The worlds most plentiful ingredient is stupidity." Frank Zappa (R.I.P.)

I believe that the main downfall of mankind is not the ideas, nor the fact that we are progressing beyond our natural limits, but the idea that we look only towards what is possible.
Man is too preoccupied with thinking about what is possible that we forget to stop and consider whether or not we should continue.

12 years ago
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