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Eva Green Sex Scene


Eva Green's sex scene from the movie Dreamers. For those who don't know, she was the bond girl in Casino Royale.


by Hyzka05

submitted June 25th 2008

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That chick is six kinds of hot. But I think the accent is three of those kinds.
10 years ago
I thought she was a shitty bond girl in casino royale.
10 years ago
Caterina Murino was much better...
10 years ago
So, was anyone else expecting the other guy to put an axe in his back while he was screwing the chick?
10 years ago
Thats what he gets for being in Hedwig
10 years ago
Never seen the movie, thankfully. I've seen previews for it, though. Somehow, I don't think I'll be willingly watching it any time soon.
10 years ago
What the fuck just happened here?
10 years ago
Actually that movie is kind of Mucho Worthy. It's got tons of incest in it. The girl getting fucked makes her brother jack off to a picture of an actress in front of her. Then she licks his man chowder off the wall. All because the brother got a movie question wrong.
10 years ago
Now thats definitely Mucho worthy.
10 years ago
Sounds like a must see.
10 years ago
Personally if getting manhandled by some guy was a prerequisite to fuck her I would not go for it. I have standards. Secondly, who knows what kinds of STDs those Europeans have.
10 years ago
she's a virgin in this scene. hence all the blood after.
9 years ago
She moaned cause it was dry probably, got to lube that shit man.
10 years ago
If the clip went on for about 30 more seconds, you'd find out that he's popping her cherry in this scene. They both get blood on each others hands and start making out with each other, all covered in blood.
10 years ago
speaking of verne troyer...apparently there's a sex tape around...this i got to see...someone find it!
10 years ago
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