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Hairy Beaver


Just gotta pull a LITTLE harder.


by yak

submitted June 24th 2008

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I've seen worse...
9 years ago
On a children's playground
9 years ago
Kick her in the pussy multiple times
9 years ago
It has the feel of japanese porn.
9 years ago
I agree.
9 years ago
Yeah, she says Itai, twice.

Which means your cock is huge, your scraping my sides and knocking the bottom out of my little Japanese clam
9 years ago
hey sanjuro, itai means pain dumbshit.
9 years ago
shave that shit, geez
9 years ago
i notice theres a distinct drop in comments once Hank gets banned....
9 years ago
i didn't notice
9 years ago
Looks like a brillo pad someone is trying to remove from a garbage disposal.
9 years ago
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