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Shaq rapping about Kobe

Shaq takes the mic at a club in NYC.


by SBD

submitted June 24th 2008

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im glad someone put this up. its priceless.

on a related note, either my submissions arent working, or yak and deja just hate me.
10 years ago
Even i know the answer to that and im from kansas
10 years ago
Hatred is very powerful.
10 years ago
ha where ya from in kansas?
10 years ago
wat a douche bag
10 years ago
Rap/Rappers need to die so we don't have as many G's headin' to da club in there mom's minivans
10 years ago
I got more rhymes than a bottles got songs.
10 years ago
Peckerwood, peckerwood tell me a tale, please do explain why your skin's so pale.
10 years ago
10 years ago
Excuse me senora, are you a whorea or are you lady? Is it Erica Boyer or Marsha Brady?
10 years ago
"Kobe how my ass taste?"
Is that the best that this fuckin mecha gorilla can come up with?? I mean..."Kobe how my ass taste..." Jesus...why do they let this guy rap...or continue to live
10 years ago
i was listening to the dan patrick show the other day and he had a pole...what does shaq do better a. shoot free throws. b. raps or c. have dwayne wade carry you to a ring......well something like that.
10 years ago
shut the fuck up
10 years ago
His rapping sucks.
4 years ago
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